What Drought?????

My goodness we have had some real downpours today and thankfully our pond is filling up fast.

Looking out of the window this afternoon we have had non stop action with at least 10 Blue Tits, 4 Great Tits plus some Goldfinches and Chaffinches in a mixed flock. Also an active Chiffchaff (picture below).

We had a great planning session for our book club “Beer and Books” last night we have some really diverse books and activities planned for the next twelve months.

I have been working on the story I am telling at the Great Barn Festival next weekend. Quite a bit of grafting needed over the next few days!


Blackberries and Black Terns

Title sums up a super morning. We also pedalled for an hour first thing down by the River! Looking forward to my first Blackberry and Apple Crumble of the Autumn. I do find blackberrying quite therapeutic despite the scratches and stings!

Had a couple of Black Terns up at the sailing lake near home. Now in their Winter Plumage – we get them on passage sometimes see them in Spring as well as Autumn. Lovely little birds- also had a Kingfisher close by. my pictures of the Terns below. An Osprey also passed through but missed that!


A Soaking!!!!!

Thought I was being clever and timing my ride today before the rain came in. So I went on Merlin my super bike but it doesn’t have mudguards. Big mistake!!!! Rain came when I was halfway round my 36 mile ride. So I got a real good soaking! It is a while since that has happened to me on the bike! Always wanting to take a positive but it is good for the garden!!

Talking of gardens – we have just collected a garden trophy from the Parish Council for the Most Improved Garden – it is judged on front gardens! We are unsure what we have done to improve the garden!


Delightful day watching our Peter doing the Cheltenham Half- Marathon. The last couple of miles are around Cheltenham Race Course. The picture below is him entering the race course. Our grandson Owen was rather bemused to see his father afterwards looking sweaty!


I had a lovely day doing Words in the Wild on Friday in Tewkesbury – sadly my audience was sparse! I now need to prepare for gigs on the next two Sundays. Both are for very different audiences.

I was bemused and I am  still scratching my head on how my football team managed to lose yesterday. The Mighty Hatters were well on top and we didn’t envisage the last ten minutes when somehow Wigan scored two goals!


Words In The Wild

Off to Tewkesbury tomorrow to do Words In The Wild. A story telling nature walk through a nature reserve. I will do a morning and afternoon session. Looking forward to it!

Managed a long cycle ride over the tops today – the first one for a while. It might be the last one before I start having to think about taking a rain jacket with me on my rides!